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noneditable plugin

first post: dcernat wrote: Hi all, Is the noneditable plugin available for this editor? Th...

Turn off automatic image upload

first post: dcernat wrote: Hi all, I have the editor embedded in a Dynamics form. I go to Too...

CRM 2016 Compatibility

first post: nicw0708 wrote: Is this managed solution compatible with CRM 2016?

localization in TinyMCE

first post: ashish_moradiya wrote: Hello, I want TinyMCE in Japanese language. I found document here...

Read Only mode

first post: sarria88 wrote: Hi there: Is there any way of making the control read only based ...

Deploying xrmtinymce1_0_0_managed throwing error

first post: priyanks wrote: I tried to install the solution in CRM2013 on premise and it's thro...

Does this work in Firefox ?

first post: CRMdevelopment wrote: We need to put multiple editors on one form. It works fine in Chrom...

latest post: StavrouM wrote: I have the same issue in Firefox, can't get the save event to trigger

Emails with embedded images

first post: MarcusNaylor wrote: Could this be used to send emails with images / screenshots embedde...

latest post: bks wrote: Hi, Sorry for late reply. Did you try it out?

Removing the "file" menu

first post: teleute wrote: This works great! However, I felt having the "File" menu in the me...

latest post: bks wrote: Thanks for this. Makes sense.

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