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Change event does not fire in Firefox.



This solution is very helpful. I really appreciate the work. However, the editor doesn't fire the events in Firefox. It works fine in IE and in Chrome, but in Firefox you pretty much can't make any changes or save anything because it doesn't notice that you've made changes, so it doesn't copy the text to the related field.

Thank you.


CRMdevelopment wrote Nov 23, 2016 at 11:07 PM

I got the same issue only on Firefox even the latest version(50.0). I put multiple editors on 1 form and set different fields for saving html code in behind. However they don't fire the event to save changes. Same form works fine on Chrome and IE.

It seems Firefox loads "tinymce.min.js" file only once in Firefox but it loads multiple times in Chrome, and Chrome can manage fire events in separate js file whereas Firefox fires only in one js fire, which maybe somehow causes the issue